YRC At Canterbury

Lets Go!


We need volunteers from the YRC to help with the running of the Canterbury Pilgrimage on the day.

No experience is needed as you will be guided by a dedicated team leader.


YRC Members

  • Services: 6 volunteers needed 
  • Campsite: 4 volunteers needed 
  • Admin: 3 volunteers needed 
  • Security: 5 volunteers needed 
  • Medic: 2 volunteers needed 


  • Services: Serving refreshments, ensuring the campsites are left clean, support to the Kitchen and campsite teams.
  • Campsite: Setting up tables and chairs, loading and unloading of transport vehicles, support with setting up tents.
    • Note: This role requires you to be able to lift heavy objects.
  • Admin: Point of contact for Pilgrims, providing instructions and communications to Pilgrims.
  • Security: Ensure the safety of Pilgrims during the walk and lunch stops. 
    • Note: This role requires you to be an able walker
  • Medic: Provide first aid and basic medical support to pilgrims.
    • Note: This role requires you to be a qualified first aider.


The Canterbury Pilgrimage will take place from the 12th to the 14th July 2024.


Historically, volunteers pay the entrance fee (to be determined for 2024) as helping is considered as a way of doing the pilgrimage. However, finances are not a reason to not go on the pilgrimage , so if someone wants to go and cannot afford to, then we would look to accommodate for that.

If a helper has to use their own vehicle as part of the running of the pilgrimage (on the day) then we would reimburse fuel. But we tend to limit this to the minimum amount of vehicles required so as reduce our costs.


Step 1: Fill out your details in the form below, select the team you wish to help out and submit.

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email from the YRC team.