About us

Rev. Fr. Dominic O’Hart is the appointed chaplain of the Young Roman Catholics (YRC) which is the youth group for the SSPX in the UK. This is the same group as the 'Founder’s Spirit', but has reverted to its original name. Since August 2021, there has been an unified effort to reorganise the YRC in order to reach out to young Roman Catholics, by inviting them to join their friends and belong to an association that promotes the Roman Catholic Faith and all that pertains to it. 


We run a combination of National and Regional events throughout the year, with the aim of uniting young Catholics. A monthly regional meeting alternates between a social and spiritual theme. A quarterly national gathering unites all regions of the UK and is supplemented by an annual international event. We aim to make these gatherings great fun and fantastic opportunities to expand our knowledge and devotion to our Faith.



The Faith: To give further education in the Roman Catholic Faith and all that flows from it.

Social: To socialise with Catholics in an enjoyable and constructive manner.

Vision and Mission

To be a strong network that focuses on important aspects, such as: prayer, apostolate, example, education and fun. One must realise that it is essential for young Catholics to have a group of like-minded friends, who are able to support each other in the salvation of their souls. We are an organization where you can introduce young people who are interested in the Traditional Catholic Faith, and it is in this type of environment where you can grow in the True Faith and in friendship.

Cancellation Form 

If, for any reason, you are no longer able to attend an event please fill in the cancellation form here.

Please note you will get a full refund if you cancel before the deadline but if you cancel after the deadline only the YRC fee will be refunded.