Online Catechism - Series 4

The Rivers of Grace for Souls: The Seven Sacraments

The YRC Catechism started in January 2022 to give online lessons to those young adults (18-30) who were too numerous and too dispersed to invite for face-to-face lessons. 

These catechism classes are designed for YRC age group and thus will cover the classic topics (commandments, sacraments et cetera.), but will be delivered with examples that we experience in everyday life (i.e. this is not a philosophy or theology class).

How to join-in:

1. All those who wish to follow the current course must be enrolled into the YRC Catechism Group (send a request to [email protected]).

2. A link will be sent every other week to group members to a Teams conference - Tuesdays at 7:30pm every week.

3. The sessions last for one hour, ideally with 35 minutes of teaching and 25 minutes of questions. 


Topics in Series 4 are:

Introduction to apologetics, Proof of the Church, Judaism, Islam, Pantheism/Hinduism/Buddhism, Protestants, Mormonism, Sedevacantism, Baptism of Desire, Infallibility of the Pope, Religious Liberty, the expression of “subsists” and more.

Series 4 catechism is postponed until further notice. Apologies for any inconvenience.