YRC In Gateshead

Source: Young Roman Catholics

YRC Starting In Gateshead

Friday evening that saw the start of the YRC event in Gateshead.  A get together at one of the local pubs with our Chaplin Fr O’Hart to break the ice.  An evening of fun.

After an early start on Saturday with Mass, the YRC re-grouped in the town centre to have a crack at an escape room.  Four groups went in but sadly only three came out.  A short lunch in town preceded our first conference for the weekend.

My body, my choice? But it’s not even a person? These were some of the questions addressed by our guest speaker Bernadette Waddelove as she tackled the issues surrounding abortion.  Leading with the violence of the act, before helping us to unpick the pro-choice arguments with some effective examples, the talk ultimately brought us back to the only logical conclusion. Life starts from conception.... no exception

Rosary set the tone for the film showing “Unplanned “, as Abby Johnson explains how her life was affected by abortion, sparking many conversations after the showing of the travesty of “pro-choice”.

Sunday saw the YRC joining the local community in Mass at 11am.  After lunch, Fr O’Hart led us through the minefield that is Moral Theology, its application to Abortion, giving us the four questions with which to guide our moral decisions.