A Recap of Preston

Source: Young Roman Catholics

How To Live In The World

We started of the day by setting the tone - Confessions, Holy Hour and Mass! 

After much pizza and lively discussion, Fr Gary Holden started proceedings by tackling "Can your plans and God’s plan co-exist?" His talk discussed what this meant when applying for jobs, the importance of perseverance, and balancing prayer and voluntary work amidst the duties of your state in life – before finally touching upon the importance of "rest".  Our MC for the day quipped: ‘So as I go to bed tonight, I will say some devout prayers, check my phone for helpful contacts, and do some trainspotting’, before sincerely thanking Father for the thought-provoking and enlightening talk.  


Another good spirited break ensued, where the 23 people present spilled happily onto the terrace, ignoring the fact it was January in England - while Father Vianney Vandendaele, hosting the event, was happy to share the French tradition of Kings cake.   


Father Dominic O'Hart concluded the event, by looking at how a Catholic engages in the workplace. Through explaining the principles of double effect, justice and prudence, he ably guided the assembled young adults through the importance of honesty in hours and expenses, the extent to which you should wear your Catholicism on your sleeve, and the difficulty in being involved in discussions, which turn to sins of the flesh/cohabitation etc. Be a good example, examine the disposition and intention of those you engage with in the workplace, he summarised. Undoubtedly it was a talk to be remembered on Monday morning!