The Bristol Conferences

Source: Young Roman Catholics

Mr. Dew leading the way

23 young Roman Catholics presented themselves at St. Saviour's House, Bristol on 21st - 23rd August for five conferences, sung Mass and plenty of talking.


Report: Bristol Weekend August 2021

Rev. Fr. Dominic O’Hart, expounded upon the When, How and Why of life.  When, referred to the stages of life; How, referred to the Soul, Mind and Body and the sustenance of each; Why, referred the foundation that is God’s love. Questions were asked about the effect of mortal sin on past graces earned, and the conference ended with a warning not to oppose God’s justice with His mercy.

Rev. Fr. Nicholas-Mary gave a conference entitled Catholic, Orthodox: Is It All The Same?  which elucidated the differences between Catholic Eastern, Eastern Orthodox and Western Roman liturgical rites and the point where the Orthodox church went into schism.  The second part of the conference was about the effect of contemporary history on the the continuation of the Orthodox rite and the importance of the papacy in this debate.  The final conference, The Moral Maze answered difficult cases submitted by the attendees of the first Founder’s Spirit Youth Conference in 2018. In particular, Father answered two burning questions which trouble certain Catholics: How late can I come to Mass and take communion?  and What does obedience to the Pope look like?  The last question, evoked the difference between material and formal obedience, and the effect of the recent Motu Propio Custodes Traditionis.

The final conference was given by an Iranian student, who, quoting from Joseph de Maistre’s Dialogues of St Petersburg, described his journey to Catholicism and the present reality of being a Persian Catholic in Iran.  Whilst Christianity is the fastest growing faith there, Catholics still risk unemployment, persecution and sometimes death.  The nearest place where the sacramants can be received openly is Lebanon, and many have to leave in secret to avoid punishment.