Camino Information Pack

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela


The Camino is calling all youth from the Irish (CCR), British (YRC) and German (KJB) Districts to embark on a remarkable journey and walk in the footsteps of centuries of pilgrims….

Take part in the final stage of the Camino Portugués from the medieval town of Tui to the magnificent cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. 


10th - 16th June 2024

  • Meet up on the evening of the 10th, start the pilgrimage early morning on the 11th).
  • Departure time is after Sunday (16th) morning mass. However, you are welcome to stay longer and make the most of the historical city.


Day 1 (Tues. 11th): Tui to Redondela (32.5km).

Day 2 (Wed. 12th): Redondela to Pontevedra (19.5km).

Day 3 (Thurs. 13th): Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis (21km).

Day 4 (Fri. 14th): Caldas de Reis to Padron (19km).

Day 5 (Sat. 15th): Padron to Santiago de Compostela (25km).

Day 6 (Sun. 16th): End of Camino is after Sunday morning mass.


Unfortunately, we are not able to plan arrangements for your flights. (Santiago de Compostela airport also called Santiago de Rosalia de Castro).

Arrival: the closest airport near Tui is: Vigo Airport.

Departure: the closest airport is outside Santiago de Compostela.

Passports & visas: A visa is not required by British and EU passport holders, but please do check that your passport is not out of date. If you are holding a passport from a non-EU country let us know and we will check whether a visa is required. 

Travel insurance: We will not be making arrangements for your travel insurance on this trip.

Don't forget to submit your travel arrangements here.


Some tips for your flights:

  • Flights from London and onwards.
    • If travelling on the Monday 10th June
    • Best option: London Stansted (STN) - Vigo (VGO) (2h15 flight Ryanair) departing at 11:00 arrival 14:15.
    • From Vigo Airport (VGO) to Tui:
      • Taxi (best option): distance 25 km, costing approximately 30 euro.
      • Bus is an alternative option: bus to the centre of Vigo and from there to Tui, approx 2h10. At Vigo Airport Bus Ligne A to Urzaiz (Estación / Cotomondongo wall) every 30 mins. From Vigo Bus station (located in the same infrastructure as the Vigo Urzáiz train station) get a bus that runs to A Guarda with a stop in Tui. Or from the station walk to Vigo E.I (bus station) get a bus beginning with XG8830… (direction Camposancos) to Tui Praza de Galicia, 19 stops, approx 45 mins. 

We advise organising in advance to travel in a group and share the taxi ride, as the bus services are unpredictable and time schedules outdated. 

  • Flights from Dublin and onwards:
    • If travelling on the Monday 10th June
    • Best option: Dublin (DUB)- Santiago de Compostela (SCQ) (2h20 flight Aer Lingus). departing at 12:55 arrival 16:15.
    • From Santiago airport to Tui:
      • Option 1: bus-train-bus/taxi
        • From the airport there are multiple bus lines to take you to Santiago city centre, Line A will take you directly to Santiago de Compostela train station. (3 euro, 30mins) 
        • From Santiago station you can get a train to Vigo Urzáiz. €9.55-€11.50, 44-1h30 travel time, every hour.
        • Vigo has two train stations: Urzaiz and Giuxar, opt to get a train to Vigo Urzaiz station as the trains are more frequent and direct.
        • From here either get a taxi €30-€35 (best option if you are travelling in a group).
        • Or from Vigo Bus station (located in the same infrastructure as the Vigo Urzáiz train station) get a bus that runs to A Guarda with a stop in Tui. 
        • Or from the station walk to Vigo E.I/EA (9 mins walk away) get a bus beginning with XG8830… (direction Camposancos) to Tui Praza de Galicia. 9 stops, approx 45 mins-1h05.
      • Option 2: Bus
        • Alsa has a direct service from the Santiago bus station to Valença do Minho, it's a 20-minute walk away from Tui. Approximate price €30 / 10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 06:00 p.m. If you buy the ticket on the web, you must put the destination Valença do Minho. But ask the driver to stop you in Tui. Website 


  • Return: 
    • Any flights from:
      • Santiago de Compostela SCQ (closest airport) 
      • A Coruña Airport LCG 
      • Vigo VGO


You will be responsible for your food.

Along the way we will be passing through villages and towns, where you can buy lunch.

Keep an eye out for “The pilgrim's menu” or menu del Dia (8-12euros for 2-3 course meal, drink included).



See here for top tips.

Not all hostel offer bed sheets, bring a blanket just in case.

Carry cash, as most hostels and restaurants do not take card.

Spain in June will be experiencing strong sun and temperatures ranging from mid 20ºC to mid 30ºC, so pack accordingly and don’t underestimate the summer sun! 

Suncream (preferably with a high factor).



Water bottle (water is expensive to buy).


Light, loose clothes (preferably with more material that will protect you from sunburn).

Suitable clothes and head coverings for churches.

Comfortable sturdy shoes for walking (well broken in).

Euros is the currency in Spain.


No leaving your bags unattended. 

Make sure to be accompanied when walking back to your hostel in the evening.

Bring a pouch or belt bag for the evenings to keep your valuables in, so not to leave them unattended at the hostel.

Keep your phone on you for staying in touch with the rest of the group.

Consider bringing a good battery pack.

Don’t bring expensive jewellery.

Keep your passport on you at all times.


Please share your pictures of the trip with this email address ‘[email protected]’. Thank you!


There will be a first aid car in the back up vehicle. Please click here and scroll down to the "First Aid Kit" section for suggestions of what you should bring.

It is advised for all non EU citizens to apply for a european health insurance card via the NHS website here 

Health issues:

It is the responsibility of every participant to manage their own health issues whilst on the trip. Please let us know via the online sign-up form if there is anything the organisers should be aware of, but you must ensure you bring everything you might need for any condition with you (e.g., inhalers and epi pens).

Make sure to have broken into your walking shoes before starting the Camino and change your socks twice a day to avoid blisters. Blister prevention is all about keeping feet dry and reducing friction.

Dress code:

A polite reminder – we are representing the SSPX, make sure to dress accordingly.


We want to emphasize that whatever you bring on the Camino will be what you carry for the next 5 days. Alternatively, certain hostels provide a baggage transport service to your selected next hostel, which does involve a fee.


A list of hostels/hotels is currently being updated and will be available as soon as possible so that you can book in advance. They have been chosen for their proximity to the town centre and budget friendly price.

What is a hostel? A hostel is a lower-priced inn that offers basic, shared accommodations. Typically features a large room with separate beds, a shared bathroom, and a communal kitchen. Some hostels have private rooms, but the lower-cost ones generally offer bunk beds.

Just a heads up:

Most of the accommodation options are hostels, on arrival you will need to show your pilgrim pass and your passport.

Before choosing, make sure to take a look at their terms and conditions, if they offer bedsheets, if breakfast is included, curfew…

Sometimes it is cheaper to book as a pair, instead of an individual.

Sometimes the public hostels are just as good as the private.

Don’t get caught out by, they often offer a higher price than the hostel's original website.

Booking in advance is not obligatory, nor choosing accommodation from this list.

Cancellation policy:

If you cancel your reservation before March 1, 2024, a full refund will be processed upon receipt of your bank details. No refunds will be issued for cancellations on or after this date. Please submit all cancellations through here, ensuring you include your bank details to avoid forfeiture of the refund.

Contact us/Communications:

 If you have general questions about the trip, please reach out to us here.

Prior to the trip, a WhatsApp group chat will be established, and you will receive an invitation to join.